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Mosaico 3M is a company that designs, produces and installs artistic mosaics using artisan techniques.

Mosaic, a composition of chromatic elements, is an aesthetic medium utilized to produce, or reproduce, a painting or an image, even in small scale. It can also be a luxurious artistic cladding, adding value and uniqueness to any internal or external architectural surface in public buildings, private residences and places of worship.

Mosaic is a unique and one-of-a-kind element of luxury, completely customizable based on the requirements of the client.

Any image can be created, copied or interpreted in mosaic and any idea can be proposed, discussed, optimized and created by Mosaico 3M.

As well as its core business of artisanal mosaic production, Mosaico 3M also has the ability to offer its clients Terrazzo flooring, ‘Seminato alla Veneziana’ as well as restoration of mosaic floors, artistic and industrial mosaics.



Mosaico 3M is innovative, modern, Italian. Mosaico 3M achieves its corporate mission through a commercial process that considers the most diverse ideas of the client, then engages a three-part process: Planning, Production and Installation.

1. Planning:

This consists in both proposing original mosaic solutions born from Mosaico 3M’s creativity, as well as from the collaboration with architects or project designers. All possible stylistic and graphic variations of the mosaic are evaluated, furthermore, all possible solutions in terms of materials and adhesives are considered in order to achieve the client’s maximum expectations. Finally, on site architectural surveys, renderings, CAD designs and technical instructions are utilized in order to prepare for a rapid and guaranteed installation.

2. Production:

The production/manufacturing of the mosaics is carried out completely in Italy, in the studio located in Spilimbergo, Friuli in accordance with antique artisan traditions. This calls for the exclusive use of the ‘martellina’ to hand-cut each tesserae one by one, as well as the use of varied materials which originate from all over the world; these range from the splendid chromatics of artisanal hand-made Venetian ‘smalti’, the natural colours of stone, to the luxury splendor of gold. Materials can range from the simplicity of roof tiles to the brilliance of platinum…

3. Installation:

Following on from the production is the care and attention given to the installation by hand of the mosaic, anywhere in the world. This ensures the chain of production is never interrupted and quality control of the work is carried out from the planning to delivery. Therefore, other than the initial selection of the mosaic, the client can be free of all concerns or worries.

In order to achieve all this, Mosaico 3M enlists the support of graphic designers and decorators, architects, artists and interior designers, as well as a team of qualified mosaic artisans and installers in order to fulfill all demands in the shortest time possible.

If circumstances require it, however, Mosaico 3M is also available to take care solely of the planning, only the manufacturing of the mosaic or just the installation, based on the needs of the client.





The term ‘terrazzo’ signifies an architectural solution to create a flooring surface consisting of a mix of elements (traditionally crushed marble) of various sizes, combined with a cement-based adhesive.

It is a technique that has its roots in the past, in a time when it was used to create floors for the expansive rooms of Venetian palaces.

Today, working perfectly with contemporary architecture, terrazzo revives a classic style by taking advantage of the evolution of new materials (glass, mother-of-pearl, fiber optics…) as well as the availability of marble all over the world. This allows for the creation of absolutely unique and modern surfaces.

What’s more is the possibility to insert mosaic into the terrazzo…



Mosaico 3M also specializes in the restoration and renovation of wall and floor mosaics, mosaic artworks, as well as terrazzo, river stone and industrial mosaics. 



Who is Mosaico 3M  

The owner of Mosaico 3M prides himself in holding a university degree with honors, successive education at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli culminating in a diploma of Master Mosaic Artisan with a score of 9 out of 10, then winning a scholarship for an additional year of specialization training at the mosaic School.

To this follows his work experience at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, initially teaching the subjects of ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Terrazzo’ then later in charge of ‘Promotion and Marketing’ of the School.

In recent years, he is engaged as the Director of Mosaico 3M.

All the mosaic artisans whom collaborate with Mosaico 3M possess the diploma of Master (Maestro) Mosaic Artisan, obtained only after the successful completion of three years of study at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli – the only legally recognized mosaic training institution. 

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